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CP Social Notes – August Hometown News

I started off writing this month’s column about the top 20 things to do for free or cheap in Carleton Place. I started a list, a very long list….things like visiting our 16 local parks, hiking or biking hundreds of kilometers of local trails, boating, theatre, live music, walking the labyrinth, learning the fascinating tales of our local history, treasure hunting for antiques, not to mention the shopping and food scene. You know what though – writing about weekly Cruise Nights, the Farmer’s Market and the umpteen weekly events made me feel like a broken record. Whether it’s in friendly conversation, heated debate, online, in person or in print you’ve all heard me say all of this a million times before. I don’t need to tell you about the hidden treasures we have. What goes unsaid, or unheard perhaps is the message behind it all. The urgency behind it all. Carleton Place is sitting poised on a precipice; perched atop of hill ready to plummet at light speed in one direction or another. I’m not usually one for doom and gloom dramatics and quite honestly no matter which way we end up going life will go on. There will be businesses and houses and school and cars….the difference is in the details. The vision that you or I or anyone has when we think about the community we want. The community we want our families to have.

The textbook definition of community is very vague – “…a set of people living in a particular space or region”. So rest assured unless we all decide to pack up and move we’ll still be a community and life will still go on. Here’s the thing though. I have a white picket fence-rose coloured glasses – Stars Hallow view of community. A little naïve perhaps and a little ambitious but hey what’s life without ambition?

Those who know me know I’m not one for the status quo. When I moved back to the area and started a family I started thinking quite a lot about community. My definition includes things like living authentically without fear of being judged or condemned, working together towards common goals, accepting that conflict occurs but can be resolved quickly and without drama, where forgiveness is offered freely and people feel safe to try and even fail chasing big dreams, and where there is a sense of comradery or even family among neighbours. As I said – ambitious. Here’s the thing though ambitious is not synonymous with impossible. Truth be told we have a lot of these things already. Perhaps some concepts need to be nurtured a bit better but in general Carleton Place we have good bones. Nothing proves that more than how passionately people debate about our strengths and weaknesses, how unified we become in crisis or to help one of our own or how this community has spawned some of the most tireless cheerleaders I think any town has ever known. But here we are – on this hill – teetering and ready for the ride of our lives.

So friends, neighbours, strangers…what’s your vision? If you could dream big and Carleton Place was just another round of SimCity with unlimited budget and you at the helm…where would you fall? Highways, box stores, Multi-plex cinemas and factories. Unique shops, a local art scene, a pedestrian downtown core….can we not have both? Can we find the balance? Work together for a common vision? Can we have our cake and eat it too? I would like to think that we can with a strong enough core community can’t we survive the sometimes dark shadow cast by urban sprawl? I mean if communities like the Glebe and Westboro can survive in the nation’s capital and still maintain a unique identity why can’t we? Can’t we decide as a unified group what we want to be? Set aside personal agendas and past slights to come together? Can we pave half of paradise and leave the rest? I think we can. I think we’re half way there.

So here’s my war cry Carleton Place – “Come Together”! Stop focusing on the problems, stop the landslide of negativity – realize that as a community we are on the same boat – let’s not start punching holes in the hull. Understand that what is good for one of us is good for all of us. Be encouraging, be supportive and no that doesn’t mean that you have to do all your shopping downtown or eat out five nights a week or agree with everything that the mayor and council does. It does mean that you have to accept that nothing is going to go all your way. It means embracing your community and capitalizing on what it is to you. If you like fine dining then by all means check out the Chesswood or Generations Inn. If you have three screaming kids maybe chip truck once a week. If you enjoy theatre and the arts then make sure to add something local to your rotation. Like shopping? Commit to spending even $50 month somewhere other than the city or Walmart. No one person can change the world and no one person should be made to feel responsible for the job.

The only certainty (aside from death and taxes) is that progress happens. All the arguing and pettiness and complaining does is take control out of our hands.  Wouldn’t a boat with two oars rowing in a direction (any direction) be better than one where we’ve tossed the second one because it wasn’t up to snuff?  I know, I know – cut it out with the water analogies Cavanagh…but we do after all ask people to come and “Meet us on the Mississippi”…should we all not be better at rowing the damn boat?!

Aquatic Serpent

Copper snake coiled across the gravel path,

Wooden hills cage you in,

Forest carpets of velvet lie,

Crouched near your lifeless kin.

Trails which lead your prey to sleep,

Twist and turn in ancient dance,

The rhythm of your panting tongue,

As your cool blood flows and rants.

For miles your scales stretch before you tail,

The capture in you swells,

Harvest from it life and strength,

The scars and scales your years soon tell.

Quietly shed your fragile sheath,

Life feeds off your timeless end,

Lengths of fire coloured flesh,

Into the earth where we all will send.

Peace to you who lies now still,

Slither from your lifeless skin,

Perchance another sun will rise,

And we who fear will forgive all sins.


Foliage crisping, crunching, twisting

Coloured with mythical brushes

Piercing, freeing and so completing,

Clothing the naked crowd.

Pages crisping, crunching, twisting

Scarred with strange minds,

Piercing, freeing and so completing,

Filling the naked crowd…..

Purple Grass

Colours bleed into my soul,

Stars burn through the night,

Purple grass doesn’t spoil,

Music is a soundless light.

Dismiss the candle’s scent,

The smoke that fills the jar,

Sunlight beams are broke and bent,

Life is not what we are.

Animal noises are our voices,

Chant the psalm to God,

Lips are dry and hair is moist,

Ancient birth by pod.

Swirling sounds and words,

Dance inside the wood,

Creativity this art is so absurd,

Grass not tasting as it should.

My Love

Peace be with you my love,

As you slip away,

Sinking back into the earth,

No longer in dismay.

Hope be with you my love,

As your soul moves on,

Taking with it part of me,

Forever to be gone.

Joy be with you my love,

For now you are free,

Unbound from all unhappiness,

Surrounded now in glee.

Faith be with you my love,

For all is as it should be,

I will see you soon enough,

Save a place for me.

My House

What sits there in my little house,

The smell of burnt wood,

A frost in the air,

The comfort of being swallowed,

Empty and cold – an afterthought.

My house, my house in cold grey stone,

sitting atop a hill of green velvet –

draped in a canopy of leaves and clouds.

I sit curled in a heap on the floor,

skin against wood to feel it’s chill.

Smothered by safety and blue flowered walls.

Not to be moved, never to leave –

I wander still in barefoot delight.

On a winter’s night

With the scent of burnt wood.


In flowered fields and meadows,

Where now she’ll run so free,

Greeted by the friends she knows,

To bring to her such glee.

In glittered gowns to swing and sway,

And dance under the moon-light,

To once again sing and play,

And keep us all in sight.

In starlit strolls along the beach,

Where waves will greet her soles,

All her dreams within her reach,

To seek her hidden goals.

In wondrous beauty and in light,

She will watch over those she loves,

To hear our prayers every night,

And send us joy to dream of.

In grace and poise and beauty,

And sweetness of her smile,

To sit in angelic harmony,

And bid us all farewell.

So now her body may rest in peace,

No longer plagued by pain,

Our minds must now be put to ease,

That we shall meet again.

The Vengeance of the Clouds

Silent observer through the mist,

droplets of clarity distort the reality.

By sunbeams, superficial colours kissed,

the fog within that lets us be.

Touched gently, barely felt at all,

caressing air and the entrapment of blindness.

A helpful cry, a haunting call,

the vengeance to finally rest.

The Dragon and the Butterfly

The dragon scales across the moss,

tossing his painted tail.

Harnessing his fiery breath inside,

waiting to exhale.

The butterfly dips and flies along,

thoughtless of the beast.

Silently as the colour flies,

keeping it’s quiet beat.

Each his own destiny,

intertwines they remain.

Waiting unknowingly to be touched,

somehow they are stained.

Colour blends with fire,

as silence is consumed by noise.

One extinct without the other,

each remains as poised.

The dragon and the butterfly,

two as one unite.

Forever connected, forever apart,

together in their plight.


Daddy place your hand upon my head.

Brush away the torments and the shame.

Your hands sit weighted.

Calloused and bruised beside my porcelain flesh.

Please daddy remember your children.

Those you helped revive,

and take hold of any feelings

which don’t in hatred flame.

Not another glass escape,

which leads to tempers sparked.

And torturing in absent love,

a child who know no joy.