In flowered fields and meadows,

Where now she’ll run so free,

Greeted by the friends she knows,

To bring to her such glee.

In glittered gowns to swing and sway,

And dance under the moon-light,

To once again sing and play,

And keep us all in sight.

In starlit strolls along the beach,

Where waves will greet her soles,

All her dreams within her reach,

To seek her hidden goals.

In wondrous beauty and in light,

She will watch over those she loves,

To hear our prayers every night,

And send us joy to dream of.

In grace and poise and beauty,

And sweetness of her smile,

To sit in angelic harmony,

And bid us all farewell.

So now her body may rest in peace,

No longer plagued by pain,

Our minds must now be put to ease,

That we shall meet again.

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