Silence breaks the cluttered air,

and penetrates the lies;

Which are whispered back and forth between

strangers with their eyes.

What look is that which begs me on?

To slip into a tale;

of valour and royal affection –

and salvation through the grail.

I wonder if you notice,

the anxiety I attempt to hide?

Or can you see right through it all,

and understand inside?

To turn away would be to run,

and I wish so much to stay.

But I am defenseless here with you;

your eyes which lure this way.

Vulnerable I sit and watch – for signs,

of the touch which is sure to come

unable to break the silence

unwilling still to run.

And as the expected soon occurs,

I melt beneath your skin.

The anticipation of your reach.

I believe this time you win.

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