I am here, alone.

My wife is dead.

I drink, I smoke, I hurt, I laugh.

I am here, apart.

From my mistress.

No longer seeking love.

I am here, unanswered.

A father who won’t give his daughter.

Too young to marry, I guess.

I am here, scarring.

Bought a maid and a wife.

I beat her anyways.

I am here, real.

A man on his own.

King of his castle.

I am here, confused.

Does she love her?

No one should love her.

I am her, uncontent.

To lose simple joy.

A wife wronged.

I am here, unloved.

Friends gone and women left.

I don’t deserve to be loved.

I am here, reunited.

Finding who she is.

She has he children.

I am fulfilled.

Forgiven of sins and faith renewed.

I am alive!!


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