I am here, alone.

To honour my husband.

I clean, I cook, I work, I cry.

I am here, apart.

From my sister and my children –

no longer with the living.

I am here, unanswered.

A God who never hears.

Too ugly for heaven, I guess.

I am here, scarred.

Black cheeks and bleeding face.

He won’t beat me if I listen.

I am here, unreal.

An object to be moved.

You can’t hurt wood.

I am here, confused.

Does she love me back?

No one should love me.

I am here, content.

To find simple joy and faith.

A purple flower in a field.

I am here, loved.

Friends care and husbands change.

I deserve to be loved.

I am here, reunited.

Finding who I am.

I have my children.

I am here, fulfilled.

Forgiven sins and faith renewed.

I am alive!

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