What I have learned

I have learned that it’s alright to be alone.

To hour a duty, but not lose yourself.

I can clean or laugh or work or cry.

I have learned that we must be strong when apart;

For we cannot always be together.

And no matter what happens I am with the living.

I have learned that no cry goes unanswered.

Time rights all wrongs and no one is ugly-

unless they are ugly on the inside.

I have learned that scars heal.

That black cheeks are not as painful as black hearts.

Giving in is not my salvation.

I have learned that I am real.

Not an object to be moved.

Even wood hurts sometimes.

I have learned that it’s alright to be confused.

That I am loved and to love is not a simple task.

I have learned to be content with simple things.

A purple flower in a field.

I have learned that I can be loved;

That I have friends who care –

and who deserve my love in return.

I have learned that people change.

The most important thing of all is to find who you are to yourself.

I have learned that forgiveness is strength.

If I can forgive someone –

Then I am alive!

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