Carleton Place Social Notes – April 2017

There’s a lot of talk of late about well…talk. Who talks to whom about what and where and how and on and on it goes. It’s hard not to talk about things you care about. Passion is hard to reign in, it’s what makes it such an explosive force. It’s a strong, uncontrollable urge to act or in this case speak. My mother raised me (as many mothers of that generation did) to live by the motto, “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all”. I try to adhere. I’m not always successful but then the truth is I’m just a mom living in a small town and who the heck listens to me. The trouble when someone in a position of authority doesn’t hold their tongue the word, like a tide can suddenly become a tsunami. Now it’s easy to justify one word or another. Intent and result often don’t coincide but what of accountability? Just because the tsunami is caused by good intentions doesn’t mean it won’t level your house. Growing up in a small town there’s another rule I heard a lot “Don’t air your dirty laundry in the front yard if you don’t want the neighbours to see your panties”. Truth is – the people enjoying the read are not so concerned with what’s happening in your house. They like the drama perhaps but in the end no benefit comes from it. The people doing the talking look petty, the people they’re talking about look scandalous and the rest of the clan at the table looks a little less put together. The way I see it (and it is just my opinion as a part of the table) are we any further ahead? Has a great injustice been righted? Now I say this not to throw stones or lay blame. I understand passion. So with the melting snow I’m ready to move on. The fact that it all caused such a stir in the first place proves that everyone was having a really dull New Year. I am not a politician – thank goodness. I haven’t the stomach for it. I will only say one thing – for the record – I do not think any of the people I asked to represent me handled any of this very well. But you know what – they’re human…passionate humans and I’m ok with that.

With spring in the air a sense of new beginnings always seems to bloom. Let’s shake off the winter grumps and get ready for an exciting year of events and special activities in our pretty little town. It’s Canada’s 150th and Carleton Place has outdone itself! This year is going to be amazing from updates at Riverside Park to special events and what I’m sure will be an unforgettable Canada Day long weekend – our CP Canada 150 committee is setting the bar sky high! Let’s brush off those sidewalks, shake hands and tear down some fences. Post, write and talk about how great our community is. Share your favourite business, the best picnic spot or give a nod to a neighbour who’s doing something truly amazing for others and while we’re at it – let’s do something amazing ourselves.

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