Love History? Us too!

We’re a family that LOVES antiques, collecting, history and auctions. We love the stories and the nostalgia. Our collection varies based on what treasures we find – if there’s something you’re looking for let us know!
Why does history and old stuff matter?
I read a short article eons ago on Huffington Post written by Steve Berry (an author and spokesperson from History Matters). And a piece of that article has always stuck with me. He spoke about the library of Alexandria – arguably the greatest repository of ancient knowledge the world had ever seen. Not destroyed by fire or by zealots or by massive tidal waves, it sadly fell neglected. It wasted away because no one cared and it was so savaged by time and indifference there is no accurate account of even where the library once stood. Poof – vanished…imagine what we lost.
Now you might think – seriously? what difference could a small local museum or genealogical society really make in the world? But here’s the thing. I wager there isn’t much that is worth more. Our history is ourselves, our identity. It’s who we were, who we are and who we might become. It’s sometimes a cautionary tale of what not to do, sometimes an epic love story, occasionally a source of inspiration or encouragement. It’s a link to culture, inspiration and legacy. We do nothing, say nothing and become nothing if nothing comes before us.
There are probably a million little museums and archives in Canada and in them maybe a billion artifacts of all types and sizes. There are equally (or likely) more artifacts stuck in storage or in basements unable to be displayed. How much of our history is threatened by indifference? by lack of funding or interest?
So I guess this is part of the reason why I love antiques and nostalgia items. Why I adore old photos and musty old books. I cherish the foundations of my family and my community and so should you. Maybe raising $100 here and there for a little museum doesn’t make much difference, maybe finding the family tie in an old photo doesn’t make a difference, maybe preserving a love of old things and encouraging new people to enjoy old things in new ways doesn’t make a difference….then again…..maybe it really does.

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